AHTA Covid 19 Updates

September 2020 | AHTA Telehealth Statement and Intern Supervision

The American Horticultural Therapy Association continues to evaluate the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19 and we recognize the challenges the pandemic presents to professionally registered horticultural therapists providing services to both participants and interns.

The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) supports the use of telehealth/therapy as a means to provide horticultural therapy interventions to clients. Telehealth is subject to the same AHTA Standards of Practice established for face-to-face horticultural therapy, including consent, assessment, and documentation. Therapists utilizing telehealth are expected to adhere to the AHTA Code of Ethics when providing virtual services.

The AHTA has developed Guidelines for Telehealth Horticultural Therapy Internships. These Guidelines developed for intern supervisors offer suggestions to provide virtual horticultural therapy sessions. Under these guidelines, virtual horticultural therapy sessions may be counted as direct client hours. The AHTA is depending on supervisors to discuss telehealth with their interns, cover aspects of confidentiality specific to telehealth, and to ensure the safety of the individuals served through telehealth. It is with much gratitude that we say thank you to intern supervisors for continuing to support interns during this time. If you are an AHTA Intern Supervisor and would like a copy of the Guidelines please contact the AHTA, [email protected]

April 13, 2020

The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) is continuing to evaluate the situation related to COVID-19 and its impact on students and professional registration applicants.

We recognize universities and programs have been challenged to provide accommodations to their students through online education. We also recognize the challenges COVID-19 situations presents to completing internships.

In support of our members, we are making the following changes to our professional registration policies until further notice:

  • Applications: While an official transcript is preferred, AHTA will accept unofficial transcripts for the 2020 Spring and Summer semesters and/or quarters. Transcripts must not be altered; there should be no written information, nor should it be edited in any way.

  • Internships: Interns who started an internship in the past year but have had their internship interrupted due to COVID-19 are granted an additional year to complete their internship.

  • Reapplications: Applicants who are in the reapplication period but are not able to complete the required coursework within the year time frame are granted a one year extension beyond their reapplication due date. 

All professional registration applicants affected directly by COVID-19 (quarantined, hospitalized, caring for family, etc.) will be granted individual consideration.  

During this time and until further notice, all application materials must be sent via email. All official transcripts must be sent electronically. Unofficial transcripts must be sent via email. Please do not send any materials by standard postal mail.

AHTA will continue to consider further adjustments and accommodations as necessary. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

The AHTA Board of Directors

 March 23, 2020

Dear AHTA Members,

The American Horticultural Therapy Association recognizes the extraordinary circumstances we are facing related to the growing concern about COVID-19. The Association understands the impact these circumstances might have on your work or school, and most importantly the individuals you serve. AHTA is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of all of its members and the community, and the AHTA Office is doing our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The AHTA Office is open for business; our staff will be working remotely for the unforeseeable future. Please be assured that our work and customer service responses will continue to be maintained at our highest levels. The AHTA Office wants to assure all members that you will continue to receive regular communications, updates on the status of the conference, AHTA publications, and the AHTA Board Bulletin as scheduled. Professional registration applications will still be processed. AHTA is also exploring the possibility of future webinars and online gatherings to support members during this time.

The Association knows the important role all HTRs and members play extends beyond their employment settings into their communities. We want to encourage and empower you as a professional, to be an ambassador of good information to your network of family, friends, and acquaintances. With preparedness and adhering to the CDC recommendations and social distancing, hopefully we can cut down on the spread of COVID-19 within our own communities.

We encourage you to take time for yourself and tend your garden, spend time in nature, care for your houseplants, and find calm through caring for plants.

Warmest Regards,

The AHTA Board of Directors

Posted 3/23/2020