Charles A. Lewis Excellence in Research Award

2023 Nominations for the Charles A. Lewis Excellence in Research Award are closed.

This award is in honor of Charles A. Lewis, a pioneer in the field of people-plant interaction and innovative horticultural programs throughout the community.

This award is given to a research scientist or research scientists who have published outstanding horticultural therapy research in a horticultural or medical journal. It recognizes contributions to evidence-based research that demonstrates the effectiveness of horticultural therapy and serves to increase the awareness of research-based findings supporting the health benefits offered through horticulture.

The author(s) and article must meet the following:

  • The author(s) have written at least one research paper that has been published in a peer-reviewed horticultural science or medical journal within the previous two (2) years. 
  • The article must be in reference to applied horticultural therapy research or the broader area of people-plant interaction.
  • The research design must use a statistical measure.
  • Review articles, philosophy and theory articles, program descriptions, and other non-research articles are not accepted for this award, even if the article was published in a refereed journal.
  • This award will be given to a different researcher or group of researchers each year. The same researcher or research team may receive this award no more than one time during a 5-year period.

Nominations will only be accepted if submitted through the online form. Please ensure you have all the required documentation before beginning your nomination.

To submit your nomination you will be required to upload: 

  • A copy of the research article that is being submitted for consideration
  • A statement explaining why you believe this research and the author(s) qualify for the award. You may attach limited supplementary information supporting the nomination, if appropriate.

Recipients will be invited to present their paper at the AHTA Annual Conference. Please contact the AHTA office for additional information at [email protected]