AHTA Horticultural Therapy Certificate Programs Course Schedules

This calendar schedule of courses is intended to provide the reader a quick and easy glance of the classes being offered by AHTA approved certificate programs. Each listing includes the name of the program, contact information, dates and names of courses being offered. For more detailed information such as locations, times, registration process, etc., please use the contact information listed for each program.

Program & Contact Course Dates and Names

Chicago Botanic Garden

Adult Education
[email protected]

HTC101: Health Through Horticulture: Using Plants for Therapeutic Outcomes

Monday, April 15 – Sunday, July 7, 2019
Hybrid course; online and on-site components
On-site Sessions:
Session 1: Monday, June 17 – Thursday, June 20, 2019
Session 2: Thursday, June 20 – Sunday, June 23, 2019

HTC110: Horticultural Therapy Application and Practicum

Monday, July 29 – Sunday, November 10, 2019 
Hybrid course; online and on-site components
On-site Session:
Tuesday, October 1 – Friday, October 4, 2019

Delaware Valley University

Nancy Minich, RLA, HTR
[email protected]

LAES 3237 Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

Fall 2019

Horticultural Therapy Institute

Christine Capra
Program Manager
[email protected]

Enrollment for fall classes always open

H270: Fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy

October 10 -13
Coastal Maine Botanic Garden, Boothbay, ME
Deadline: September 10

Oct 31- Nov 3
Skyland Trail, Atlanta, Georgia
Deadline: September 31

November 14-17
Anchor Center for Blind Children, Denver, Colorado
Deadline October 14

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H421: Horticultural Therapy Techniques

H423: Horticultural Therapy Programming

H425: Horticultural Therapy Management

The New York Botanical Garden Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program

Lisa Whitmer, Dir. Adult Ed.
[email protected]

Introduction to Horticultural Therapy Intensive

June 10—August 24, 2019
Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural Therapy for Older Adults

Horticultural Therapy for Physical Rehabilitation

Horticultural Therapy for Exceptional Youth

Activities Analysis for Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural Therapy in Behavioral Health Settings

Horticultural Therapy Methods & Materials

Garden Design for Special Populations

Horticultural Therapy Program Management

Portland Community College

Jan Abushakrah, PhD., Academic Advisor
Gerontology Program Director
[email protected]

Melissa Bierman, MS, MHT, HTR
HT Course  & Internship Instructor            [email protected]


Summer 2019 - Spring 2020 Terms

These six courses have been reconfigured for completion in four terms, with two Friday evening/Saturday full-day class meetings each term, except for GRN272, which has three Saturday meetings. These 14 credits meet AHTA professional training requirements for HTR registration. All courses are taught as hybrids, with some required work conducted online and mandatory class meetings on the dates listed below. (Check PCC schedule for meeting times and locations).  


The courses are offered as a sequence. If you miss a course, you need to wait for the following series to rejoin the sequence. In some cases, based on prior education and experience, the instructor may allow a student to begin the sequence late.

Summer Term 2019

1. GRN267: Professional Therapeutic Horticulture (3 credits) 
Online: Monday, June 24 – Sunday, Aug 25 / Class meetings: Fri/Sat: July 12/13 & 26/27

Fall Term 2019 (must co-enroll in GRN268 & GRN269)

2. GRN268: Therapeutic Horticulture Strategies (2 credits) 
Online: Monday, Sept 23 – Sunday, Nov 3 / Class meetings: Fri/Sat: Oct 11/12

3. GRN269: Therapeutic Horticulture Skills I (2 credits)
Online: Monday, Nov 4 – Sunday, Dec 15 / Class meetings: Fri/Sat: Dec 6/7

Winter Term 2020 (must co-enroll in GRN270 & GRN271)

4. GRN270: Therapeutic Horticulture Programming (2 credits)
Online: Monday, Jan 7 – Thursday Feb 14 / Class meetings: Fri/Sat: Jan 24/25

5. GRN271: Therapeutic Horticulture Skills II (2 credits)
Online: Thursday, Feb 14 – Sunday, March 24 / Class meetings: Fri/Sat: March 8/9

Spring Term 2020

6. GRN272: Therapeutic Gardens (3 credits)
Online: Monday, March 30 – Sunday, June 14 / Class meetings: Sat: Apr 11, May 9, June 6

Rutgers University

Gary Altman, HTR, CRC, PhD
[email protected]

Spring 2019 online course:
Introduction to Horticultural Therapy (11:776:225)

Temple University-Ambler

Peg Schofield, HTR
[email protected]

Intro to Horticultural Therapy
Saturdays: 8/31/19 to 10/12/19 

Horticultural Therapy Skills

Saturdays: 10/19/19 to 11/30/19

 Horticultural Therapy Program Management

Saturdays: 1/25/20 to 3/7/20