AHTA is a non-profit membership-driven organization whose mission is to promote and advance the profession of Horticultural Therapy as a therapeutic intervention and rehabilitative modality through:

The dissemination of information relating to the principles and practices of horticultural therapy as a treatment modality.

The encouragement of professional growth of horticultural therapy practitioners.

The establishment of professional standards and a credentialing process for horticultural therapy practitioners.

The promotion of research related to the impact of horticultural therapy as a treatment modality.

The advocacy of horticultural therapy as a treatment modality to the public, the healthcare industry, the academic community, and the allied professions.

The promotion of horticultural therapy educational opportunities.


Quality of life is related to the relationship between people and plants.

Curiosity and attraction to nature are inherent human qualities; individuals respond positively to green plants and colorful flowers.

Working with plants promotes emotional, mental and physical health and well-being.