Academic Credit for Life and/or Work Experience

For Students Seeking Horticultural Therapy Courses Outside of an AHTA Accredited Program

The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) recognizes that many people have extensive work or life experience that provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue professional registration with the AHTA but lack the required college credits. The AHTA will accept college credit granted for life and/or work experience to fulfill course requirements required for registration as a Registered Horticultural Therapist. Coursework must be selected from the core curriculum effective October 1, 2013, and official transcripts documenting academic credit must be from an accredited degree-granting academic institution in the United States.

Typically academic institutions provide these services through processes such as examination or the submission of a personal portfolio. For example, if you have several years of work experience in a plant nursery, you might be able to obtain college credit for Plant Propagation, or if you have worked as a counselor in a Center for Students with Disabilities, you might be able to obtain college credit for a course in aspects of illnesses and disabilities.

The AHTA does not endorse or accredit institutions granting credit for work or life experience. It is up to the individual to determine which institutions provide this service. A quick search for “college credit for work experience” should turn up several options.