Horticultural Therapy Education and How to Become a Horticultural Therapist

A qualified horticultural therapist is someone who is professionally registered with the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) and is designated by the professional credential HTR, Horticultural Therapist-Registered.

A bachelor’s degree in horticultural therapy or the minimum of a bachelor’s degree with additional coursework in plant science, human science, and horticultural therapy is required for professional registration. A required 480-hour internship completes the multidisciplinary training.

Degree and Coursework Opportunities

Academic programs offering a degree in horticulture with a concentration in horticultural therapy encompass studies in human and plant sciences as well as horticultural therapy concepts and techniques. 

The AHTA Accredited Certificate Programs offer individual horticultural therapy courses designed to meet the requirements for professional registration.

Plant science and human science coursework may be taken independent of a degree program and may be taken at:

  1. A college or university
  2. As an online course
  3. May also be met through obtaining credit for work/life experience.  

It is advisable to review the requirements for professional registration prior to selecting an academic curriculum.


The internship is a critical component of horticultural therapy education.  An internship provides opportunities for students to further develop their skills and clinical experience while being supervised by a Registered Horticultural Therapist (HTR). 

To learn more about becoming professionally registered with the American Horticultural Therapy Association, please visit the Professional Registration section.