Professional Registration with the American Horticultural Therapy Association

The American Horticultural Therapy Association is the only organization that recognizes and registers horticultural therapists through a voluntary professional registration program. The designation Horticultural Therapist-Registered (HTR) ensures that professional competencies have been achieved based on standardized academic requirements and professional training. 

Professionally registered horticultural therapists are expected to adhere to the AHTA Code of Ethics for Horticultural Therapists. The AHTA Standards of Practice for Horticultural Therapy describe the expectations of professional conduct and delivery of horticultural therapy service.

Professional Registration Requirements

  • To be eligible for professional registration, a candidate must have a bachelor's degree with a concentration in horticultural therapy or a bachelor's degree with the additional coursework that meets the academic requirements as noted in the AHTA Professional Registration Policies and Procedures.
  • A candidate is also required to have completed a 480-hour supervised internship in horticultural therapy that demonstrates the use of horticulture as a therapeutic modality. Learn more about internship requirements and opportunities.
  • A candidate must be an Associate Member of AHTA at the time of application. 

Application Process

Notice: During the holiday season, professional registration applications will not be accepted or processed from December 20, 2018, through January 1, 2019. Please do not send in applications, supporting materials, or submit electronic transcripts during this time. The office will begin accepting applications again on January 2, 2019.

Please submit your application, supporting documentation, and application fee of $150 to [email protected]. You may pay your application fee online.

Applications are evaluated by the AHTA Professional Registration Review Board. An applicant is required to complete the online AHTA professional registration application. Official transcripts are required for verification of coursework and a completed, signed internship performance report is required for verification of the internship. 

Please note: If you are submitting courses from an educational institution that uses a quarter system as opposed to a semester system, a conversion table is available for your use. All AHTA professional registration course requirements are semester credits NOT quarter credits. If you have any questions, please contact the AHTA office.

Once an applicant has been approved for professional registration, AHTA membership must be renewed annually at the Professional level to maintain HTR status. After three months of a lapsed membership, a registrant must pay a reinstatement fee of $75 in addition to their annual membership dues to be reinstated. After two years of a lapsed membership, a registrant will be required to reapply for registration status.

Complete information for professional registration can be found in the AHTA Professional Registration Policies and Procedures.

Professional Registration Resources

For a list of programs that offer academic coursework in horticultural therapy, please refer to the Horticultural Therapy Education page.