Important AHTA Updates

Important AHTA Updates


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the AHTA made some adjustments to our internship requirements. These included extending the time for students to complete internships that were affected by the pandemic.

Internship Extension

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Houseplants and Health Benefits

Read the latest article from Time magazine about the health benefits of houseplants.

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MLK Day of Service

AHTA member, Jeanne Schultz, spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day planting trees for the Dunwoody community. Watch the video to learn more about the amazing experience!

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Veteran Shares the Healing Power of Flowers

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Applications Now Open for Therapeutic Garden Grants

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Celebrating Horticultural Champions

Congratulations to AHTA member Perla Sofia Curbelo for the B.Y. Morrison Communication Award. AHTA also congratulates Dr. Naomi A. Sachs for her contributions to the therapeutic garden design field.

2021 AHS Great American Gardeners Awards

The Blooming Effects of Flowers on Mind and Body

The Blooming Effects of Flowers on Mind and Body

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AHTA President Honored with Award

AHTA President, Derrick Stowell, receives the Horticultural Therapy Award from The American Horticultural Society (AHS).

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Cheri Larsen, HTR - News from Cincinnati

Cheri Larsen, HTR talks about new horticultural project.

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Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Irene Brady-Barber, HTR talks about the horticultural therapy program at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, in Boothbay, Maine. 

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9/11 Legacy Garden Program

How gardens can create hope and wellbeing in uncertain times.

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New HERD Research Paper: Effects of Biophilic Nature Imagery

Effects of Biophilic Nature Imagery on Indexes of Satisfaction in Medically Complex Physical Rehabilitation Patients: An Exploratory Study

Recent research concludes that the presence of biophilic nature imagery has a significant effect on a patient's experience during hospital stays. These findings have implications in settings where real nature is prohibited by logistics or infection protocols and support the benefits of nature exposure for those who might not have the opportunity due to their medical situation. 

Matthew J. Wichrowski, MSW, HTR | John R. Corcoran, DPT | Francois Haas, Ph.D. | Greg Sweeney, DPT | Arlene Mcgee, RN, MA, MS

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