National Children & Youth Garden Symposium

National Children & Youth Garden Symposium
Deadline for Proposal Submissions is January 8, 2021

Save the Date! NCYGS 2021 will take place as a virtual symposium with both live, interactive sessions (July 7–9, 2021) and prerecorded sessions for on-demand viewing. Symposium registrants will be able to access the entire content package.

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Proposal Submissions

NCYGS has a diverse audience, with classroom teachers, "informal" educators from a variety of organizations, botanical gardens staff, landscape architects, community organizers, and more who work with a wide range of age groups (pre-K through 12th grade). Keep attendees' needs and interests in mind when creating your proposal:

a. Practical value to practitioner - Sessions should focus on information that attendees can take home and apply to their own work.
b. Originality - Most attendees currently work in the field and welcome fresh ideas to invigorate their work. We strive to provide a balanced and diverse program, in terms of topic areas and primary audience.
c. Quality - Proposals should clearly describe the session, with complete and accurate information.
d. Significance to children & youth gardening - All sessions must relate to children & youth gardening (with obvious synergy in areas like healthy eating, trees and nature, sustainability and conservation, etc.).

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Reeling In Stigma: The Art of Healing

Details and Registration



Therapeutic Garden Tips for Home Gardeners

Yes, You Can! Create a Garden with Therapeutic Benefits!

Can Flowers Benefit Your Brain?

With the current state of the world, stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. As the majority of us are either working from home or furloughed and stuck indoors all day every day, it can be hard to stay upbeat.

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Growing Research Supports Benefits Of Healing Gardens

Growing Research Supports Benefits Of Healing Gardens

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Mistakes When Buying Plants Online

The biggest mistake you're making when you buy plants online


Covid-19 and Going Green

Going green: COVID-19 pandemic has people drawn to indoor gardening, houseplants

Horticulture Therapy and Youth Mental Health

A comprehensive array of mental health services in New Jersey for young people partnering with Rutgers

2020’s New and Improved Flowers

2020’s New and Improved Flowers: A Gardener’s A-to-Z Guide

Covid-19 and Gardening

Covid-19 and Gardening

Arranging gently used blooms as a form of therapy

Arranging gently used blooms as a form of therapy

Therapeutic Gardens and Covid-19

Therapeutic gardens provide support for medical staff.

Horticulture Therapy to the Rescue

Horticulture Therapy To the Rescue



AHTA Board member, Gary Altman, interviewed on The List.

Watch the video.

Gardening and Flowers can provide support during difficult times

These fact sheets have resources to support you and those around you during these difficult times.

How gardening will keep you well during the coronavirus pandemic


How flowers can help during the coronavirus pandemic

Gardening as an Escape in Difficult Times

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Cultivating Place Podcast

AHTA member Matt Wichrowski interviewed on the Cultivating Place Podcast.

Read the episode notes.

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Plants can Reduce Stress in the Workplace

New Research on the Stress Reducing Effects of Plants in the Workplace

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ATHA member Matthew Wichrowski Interview

AHTA Member Matthew Wichrowski Interviewed for the Healthy Human Revolution Podcast

Matthew Wichrowski, MSW HTR, is the Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Senior Horticultural Therapist at Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Health.

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The Research Is In: Yes, Gardening Totally Counts As Exercise

Did you see this recent article on mindbodygreen?

The Research Is In: Yes, Gardening Totally Counts As Exercise