AHTA Professional Registration Updates

Recently the AHTA Board of Directors voted to change the professional registration requirement regarding horticultural therapy coursework to allow for consistency with the AHTA Accredited Certificate Programs coursework.

These accredited horticultural therapy programs offer future practitioners an important pathway to becoming professionally registered. While each program is unique in course titles and credit quantity, their requirements must be aligned to meet those within the professional registration process.

The requirement to complete a minimum of 3 horticultural therapy courses was removed from the professional registration requirements by Board approval. However, an applicant is still required to complete 9 semester credits in horticultural therapy coursework.

The AHTA Board approved changing the current Option A: A Bachelor’s Degree in Horticultural Therapy to a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture with a concentration in Horticulture Therapy. This change more accurately reflects the current status of degree options available to students pursuing a career in horticultural therapy.

The AHTA Board also approved to update the core curriculum information to more clearly explain the 12 semester credit requirements in both plant science and human science. The course listings have been updated to identify 3 semester credits in each subject area. An applicant may take a combination of courses to fulfill the 3 semester credits in the same subject area. The core curriculum requirements were established for future credentialing and all applicants must meet the same requirements. With clarifying the semester credit requirements more clearly, applicants will know exactly what is required in each subject area.

The AHTA Professional Registration Policies and Procedures have been updated and reflect this current information.

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