AHTA Board of Directors Endorse a Definition of Horticultural Therapist

As the AHTA strives towards certification for horticultural therapists, public awareness of what is, and what is not, a horticultural therapist is essential for professional recognition. The AHTA Board of Directors recently endorsed the definition of horticultural therapist. To advance the profession, it is important that the public recognize horticultural therapists as professionals with specific education, training, and credentials in the use of horticultural for therapy and rehabilitation. Read the full definition here

AHTA Congratulates 3 New HTR's

AHTA offers congratulations to those who have recently completed the requirements for Professional Registration (HTR).  The three AHTA members who have achieved this status are Katherine Brechner, Arleen Ferrara and Ciri Malamud.

HTR is the professional credential for horticultural therapists.  The suffix connotes that the individual has achieved AHTA's standardized measure of excellence in theoretical and applied aspects of horticultural therapy practice.  HTR status further acknowledges the bearer's commitment to the field and conveys reassurance to prospective employers, clients and colleagues.

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Urban Nature's Effects and Monetary Valuation

The Norwegian Institute of Nature research has published a report (NINA report 1278) titled Urban Nature’s Effects and Monetary Valuation: A Systematic Review by X. Chen. This paper provides an analysis that estimate the monetary value of urban nature’s health effects. It is quite a challenging task considering the diverse ways nature provides benefits for the human condition, and the question of quantifying the data. The information the author shares provides evidence helpful in justifying therapeutic horticulture program development and in larger issues of landscape design and urban planning. Read the full report here.

Healing Wounds of War through Horticultural Therapy: An Interview

U.S. Army Sargent Bob Andrzejczak, wounded in 2008 in Iraq, describes how his injuries led him to horticultural therapy. Currently, as chairman of the NJ Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee, he is now in a position to advocate in the New Jersey state government for New Jersey Horticultural Therapy Week. Read the full article here.